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Summer Jobs

Part time Summer Jobs are a great way to make some extra money. With many states raising the minimum wage to $10+ you can also make some nice cash to line your pockets! Employers are hiring NOW for summer positions, so if you're looking to work this summer, it's time to start your job search.

When students are off during the summer, the summer job market is filled with teens and young adults trying to generate some extra spending money during the summer and for when they have to return to school.  Students on break or taking a light load of summer classes will also be looking to cash in on the opportunity to turn their time into money with summer employment.  The competition may be high, but there are summer job opportunities available. Now is a the time to start looking for a summer job.

Some jobs exist exclusively during the summer, such as outdoor lifeguard jobs, summer camp jobs, park jobs, resort jobs, and some travel or recreational type employment, while others will continue after the summer employment season is over. Retail or food service jobs are examples of industries that create an increase in summer employment, but also continues throughout the year, usually peaking again around the holiday season. A part time summer job is a great way to establish a relationship with an employer; one that may lead to further employment during other peak or holiday seasons.

There are also many full time summer jobs to be found. If you're looking to make the maximum amount of money during the summer season, you'll want a full time summer job.  By working full time, you may get some benefits over the part time employees because employers don't have to deal with as many scheduling and staffing hassles as with part time workers.  A full time summer job may also be likely to turn into a permanent position.

When looking for summer jobs, make sure that you and the employer have the same expectations. If you're only planning on working through the summer, be sure that the employer understands that, and will not be upset when you turn in your notice at the end of your summer employment.  Having a good history and relationship with an employer could lead to future jobs and even a career one day.

As with any job, you need to be prepared to interview for your job, and provide a resume and/or cover letter. You should present a business-like posture and appearance when applying for a summer job. As many summer jobs are recreational and outdoor type positions, you don't have to be as formal as when applying for an office type position.  Research and find out about the job you are applying for, and be prepared to explain your qualifications, and why you want the job. Employers will probably ask how long you intend to stay in this job. Be prepared to answer. For information on resumes, interviewing and more see our tips on how to get a job.