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Part Time Jobs

A part time job can be used to produce extra income, or income for those with a limited amount of time to work, such as teens, high school and college students, retirees, or single parents. Part time jobs also make good 'second jobs' or 'weekend jobs' for those who need to bring in more income than their primary employment provides. Seasonal Jobs are typically part time too. They usually only provide temporary employment and only last for several weeks or months of the year. Summer jobs, Thanksgiving and Christmas jobs are considered Seasonal Jobs.

Kohl's, Toys "R" Us, Walmart, Target, FedEx and Macys are just some of the companies that have already announced that they will be hiring tens of thousands of new employees to manage the upcoming holiday season.

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Don't worry if this is your first part time job. Many employers have part time jobs available for workers with little or no experience, and offer on-the-job training, mentoring, or classes to help you get going. A part time job could lead to a new career, or at least expose you to an industry that you might be interested in learning more about. "Getting your foot in the door" with a part time job could lead to bigger and better things. 

A part time job allows you to make money, but still have time for family, recreation, school, other jobs, and other pursuits.  A part time job is also a good way to get experience in a particular career that you may be thinking of pursuing. Part time jobs are typically hourly jobs, as opposed to salaried jobs; that is, you work an hour, you get paid an hour. A benefit to hourly employment is that when an employer needs extra help, and you have extra time in your schedule, you work more hours, and therefore make more money. Hourly jobs will usually include clocking in and out, or logging your time manually, so your employer will know exactly how long you've worked.

When looking for part time jobs, you need to make sure that you and the employer have the same expectations. If you've only got a certain amount of time during the day, or in the evenings or mornings, you've got to be certain the employer won't be repeatedly asking you to work outside of those hours. Either you'll end up working more than you had planned, or the employer will have to get someone else that can work more hours. Neither solution is good for the worker.  Even if this is only a temporary part time job, being up-front and honest with your employer can lead to a long lasting relationship, which could lead to future job opportunities.

As with any job, you need to be prepared to interview for your job, and provide a resume and/or cover letter. Get a resume and cover letter package that gets you hired! You should make sure to present a business-like posture and appearance when applying for a part time job. Research and find out about the company and the job you are applying for. Be prepared to explain why you are suited for it, what skills or experience you have that helps qualify you it, and why you want the job. Employers will probably ask how long you intend to stay in this job. Be prepared to answer. For information on resumes, interviewing and more see our tips on how to get a job.

Part Time Jobs for Retirees or Seniors

Part time jobs are also great for seniors or retired people. Often times a retirement income is just not enough to pay the bills, so one must take on a part time job to generate extra income. A recent AARP survey found that 60 percent of Americans nearing retirement age say they're not where they expected to be financially. Part time jobs are also a great way to keep yourself busy, and occupy the time that used to be filled by your full time occupation.  Recent surveys have shown that workers over 55 are more reliable, more experienced, and have much less turn-over than younger employees.  Many companies value the experience and wisdom of older workers and make it a point to provide jobs for retirees and seniors. A part time job is a great way to supplement your retirement income, stay busy doing something you like, and stay involved in the world outside your home.

Some examples of part time jobs are:

Retail Jobs

Fast Food Jobs

Warehouse Jobs

Computer Jobs

Companion Jobs

Delivery Jobs

Administrative Jobs

Clerk Jobs

Restaurant Jobs

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